Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday was a family day for us. Ryan went for swimming class with Richard while I went shopping with Rachel at Spotlight. The boys met up with us at Plaza Singapura after swimming class and we spent a good part of the afternoon having lunch and shopping there.

Back home, we just hung out and relaxed, doing whatever the littles wanted to do. Ryan wanted to try out his new stencils which we picked up from Popular Bookstore on Friday.

In the evening, Ryan and I went to the playground as usual. Ryan is always deliriously happy when he is scooting to the playground and he will spontaneously declare, "I love you, Mama!" as he is scooting. He says it a few times, in fact.

My monkey.

He hasn't mastered this one yet but he has quite a few thoughts about it - "I'm like a spider, Mama!" and "There are triangles!"

He loves hopscotch.

Rock on!

For dinner, Ryan requested KFC so we dutifully went there. We went to the outlet at Big Splash and after dinner, we checked out the prawning/fishing place that is there. Ryan wanted to try it out but we knew he was tired and so we brought him home and put him to bed. I think he had a good day.

Yesterday was quite a nice day for Ryan too. After violin class, he attended a birthday party of one of his classmates, which was held at The City at Liang Court. After that, we went to IKEA for lunch and some shopping. Back home, Richard and I sorted our massive CD collection while the two littles played around us. Then out for dinner and back home for an early night.

A reader asked about the addition cards and counting cubes that Ryan was using in one of the photos in Friday's post. The addition cards are from this pack published by Trend Enterprises which I got for RM4.50 in Malaysia. I bought the subtraction and the multiplication packs too. I'm not sure where you can get it in Singapore although I know that you can get it online from a number of sites. In any case, the equations are really basic, so I suppose you could simply write your own! I used these because I wanted Ryan to get used to the format of vertical equations.

The counting cubes which Ryan was using are these 2 cm cubes from this Connect-a-Cube set which I bought from Growing Fun. There are ten colours and ten cubes of each colour. The cubes take a bit of effort for Ryan to connect and disconnect, which I feel is great for building up strength in his fingers. We actually have a variety of counters that Ryan uses for math; this set is just one in our collection.


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