Monday, March 25, 2013

Let's get this show back on the road!

Although I haven't been blogging for the past two weeks, it wasn't because there was nothing to write about! Life with the littles has been very full and Richard and I have our hands full all the time.

Just a few updates for now, and I promise I will catch up in the next few posts.

Ryan has been doing very well. We had a Parent-Teacher Conference with his teachers and they were full of praise for him. That deserves a separate post, so I'll leave that for later.

He has been skipping his daytime naps and choosing instead to go to bed early at night. This robs Richard and I of a lot of time with him during the weekdays. I'm still thinking of how to plan our schedule now so that we can make the most of the time we have together. 

For the past two swimming classes, Ryan has gone into the pool on his own, without Richard (or me). This is definitely a step forward as it means that he is quite independent in the water now and he can follow instructions well.

He has finished another term at Shichida. He still likes it very much and we'll be continuing for another term.

Ryan had two auditions for modelling assignments last week plus he has another one later today. Crossing our fingers that he'll get selected for at least one!

The photos in this post are of Ryan with his LolliBoxes. He received two LolliBoxes from his gal pal, Victoria, after their trip to KL and I understand that a third is on its way. Each box contains craft projects and educational activities, and it's delivered right to your doorstep. If you're curious about LolliBox, hop on over to their website!

Babydoll has also been doing very well. As always, she is very active and extremely mobile, whether crawling or cruising. She is always on the go, always investigating and exploring.

We made some (temporary) changes to our sleeping arrangements. Richard and I have split up! We're now sleeping in separate rooms, and each of us sleeps with one of the littles. I'll write more on that later.

Our nanny is on leave this Monday to Wednesday, so I've been called up for 24-hour duty! The plan is for babydoll to come with me to the office in the mornings while Ryan is in school, then I fetch Ryan from school, have lunch and go back home. There is Ryan's audition later today and for tomorrow, we may have lunch with some friends. Wednesday afternoon - it's Richard's turn because I have a meeting in the office. Simple? I hope so!


Anonymous said...

Hi , please could you do the update on Heguru. Look forward to your posts .

Anonymous said...

Hi Leona,
Reading your packed is enough to make me out of breath already. I have always admired and am amazed at how you manage time and how much you get out of every second. You don't even have a helper, whom I am highly reliant on. I
I have so much to learn from you..(maybe this requires a separate post too? ;) jia you, and take care of yourself too!:)

Ps: it's ok if you don't read this or reply promptly. I know you are not ignoring me.:)

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi Kamy! Thank you for your sweet encouragement! Actually, lately, I have been thinking about what I want to say about handling all that I want to handle. Maybe that post will come soon!

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