Saturday, October 15, 2011

Steve Jobs Day 2011

Yesterday, 14 October 2011, was Steve Jobs Day. Yes, Steve Jobs has his very own day. The day was earmarked before Steve's passing and has gained much more significance since then. There is a Steve Jobs Day website, Facebook event page and a Twitter feed, plus several real life meetups were arranged to commemorate the man.

On Steve Jobs Day, people are encouraged to talk/tweet/blog/share on Facebook about Steve and how he inspired people. Yes, you can talk to each other about which of his products are your favourites and how they have changed your life. And if you decide to put on a black turtleneck and blue jeans, well you go right ahead!

Some of you may think, what's the big deal? Apart from Richard, nobody I know in Singapore knew about Steve Jobs Day 2011. I guess only a true fan would know (or care) about it and Richard is undoubtedly a true fan. Richard has been a loyal Apple man since the very first Macintosh was launched. He's not one of those recent converts - you know who I'm talking about - those people who converted because of the Macbook or the iPhone, because it was fashionable to be in the Apple camp. Richard was born with Apple in his DNA and an Apple logo stamped on his forehead.

Back in university, long before iMacs and Macbooks came along, Richard would be the only person in the entire computer suite happily working at one of these babies, while everyone else were on the PCs. Nobody would touch them, just him. He was the opposite of fashionable at that time and he didn't care.

Every single computer Richard has bought has been from Apple, despite the fact that he uses PCs at work. His Mac computers are his refuge, his pleasure and his immeasurable joy (apart from his family of course!).

And yes, my funny Apple man knew that it was Steve Jobs Day yesterday, just like he would remember my birthday. He quietly donned the trademark black turtleneck and blue jeans. He didn't care that nobody knew the reason, he didn't care that nobody noticed, he didn't care that nobody else did the same. He simply said, "It's Steve Jobs Day." And that was good enough for him.


maggiespk said...

Richard got his first computer when he was fifteen. It was a gift from dad after his form three exam.

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