Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We haven't been doing much work with paints for a while. We've mostly been using markers, crayons and stampers for artwork. Nevertheless, we wanted to get back to handling paints so, for the past couple of evenings, we have been setting aside time for Ryan to do that.

Ryan has handled finger paints and poster paints before so we decided to teach him something new - how to paint with watercolours. Here's a Youtube video (about 1.3 mins) of Richard showing him how to apply the watercolours, how to wash his brush between colours, how much pressure to use, how he can manipulate the brush in different ways to get different effects, etc.

After that demonstration, we let Ryan loose and he painted a few pieces on his own. He enjoyed it lots!

The next evening, we brought the poster paints out. Here's Ryan getting down to it.

Back to the watercolours!

Discussing what colour to use next.


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