Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recent creations

Last night, Ryan made this. It's a DIY bead maze/bead coaster. Cool, huh? In addition to promoting creativity and fine motor skills, it also provides lots of fun when Ryan plays with it post-construction.

We bought the set from Malaysia on our recent trip there. Actually, we bought two sets so that we could make a huge maze! Each set cost RM49.90. This is the back of the box, which shows suggestions for designs  (yes, it is made in China). Ryan didn't follow these suggestions though, he did his own thing.

The next creation was made by Richard and me, bearing in mind that Halloween is approaching. Spiders on a spider-web! Ryan says, "Spi-yer!!"

The spiders are made from pipe-cleaners and the web is just some thread wrapped around a styrofoam board. I stuck a round magnet on a strip of styrofoam for Ryan to pick up the spiders. 


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