Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Customised ABC book by Richard

Last year in Shichida (Oct to Dec 2010), we were given this A4 book. The cover says, "MY FIRST DICTIONARY". The pages inside were blank except for a small square at the upper right corner where the letters of the alphabet appear, one letter per page (upper and lower together).

For each week, we were to find and paste pictures on each page showing words starting with the relevant letter. For Week 1, we had to do this for letters A and B; for Week 2, it would be letters C and D, and so on. In class, the books will be passed around and the parents would input all the words to their child. 

That term, Richard accompanied Ryan to class so Richard was in charge of this. He was quite hardworking at it - he always made sure that the homework for each week was done in time for class. He reported that he always got compliments on "his" book from sensei (which I think motivated him to keep up with the good work). He also said that, some weeks, the other parents didn't do their homework with the result that everyone had to share our book!

Anyway, this is how it looks inside. Richard chose caterpillar and clown for Cc, and donkey and drums for Dd.

I left the task completely to Richard - he didn't consult me or ask me my opinion at all. I usually flipped through the book only when we were on the way to class, and sometimes it was quite amusing to see what his choices were. Here are some of the more interesting ones. 

Gg for Gruffalo.

Mm for McDonald's (we usually hang out at McDonald's after Shichida class).

Rr for Ryan (what else?)

Ss for Spongebob.

Xx for an x-ray of Homer Simpson's head.

Yy for Yoda!

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Anonymous said...

My boy is doing this now for letter A& B hee but I pasted almost full for each page tot can get him to pick up ad much lol

Pinkie Pirate said...

@Anonymous - I probably would have pasted more too if I was in charge! My hubby was quite oblivious to my opinion!

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