Monday, October 10, 2011

Our Sunday

On Sunday evening, we went to see the US Navy 7th Fleet Band perform live from the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

According to the published event details, "The US 7th Fleet Band's contemporary music ensemble "Orient Express" is an exciting twelve-piece group of professional Navy Musicians who continue to be a featured attraction throughout the Navy's largest area of operation. They are a high energy rock-and-roll band featuring such music as Stevie Wonder, Journey, Bruno Mars, and Michael Jackson. This diverse group also performs as a smooth Pop/Jazz combo and a playful acoustic Dixieland band. Their energetic performances are sure to add excitement to any event! Whatever your musical taste Orient Express is sure to please!"

And they sure pleased us! Ryan was very appreciative - he clapped enthusiastically after each number!

We were afraid that we would get rained out, but the weather was kind and everything was perfect.

The band was simply fabulous! They played rip-roaring tunes that got us yelling and screaming along. When they launched into "Go, Johnny, Go Go Go!", we were off our backsides and dancing like maniacs!

Twilight came and the band played on.

And so did we! With some new friends! Our little mat soon became quite crowded. Ryan had a really enjoyable time!

We wished it would go on longer but the darkness soon descended, reminding us that all good things come to an end.

Loved watching this couple dance in front of us as the band played its last song, James Brown's "I Feel Good". They were really burning it up!

We weren't too shabby either!

We left feeling high and happy.


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