Friday, October 21, 2011

At home with Ryan

Ryan's nanny is taking a family holiday so I have Ryan all to myself this Thursday and Friday. On Thursday morning, we went to the market for a simple breakfast and spent the rest of the morning at home, playing and reading. And dancing, of course.

While we played, we incorporated some Shichida home practice as well - we pretended to be airplanes for image play; we did some ESP games and some memory games (Ryan aced them all); and we did some dots cards.

I mentioned that Ryan has a new sensei for Shichida class this term, after two years of being with Teacher Nuraini. Last week, after class, Ryan's new sensei heaped praises on Ryan, saying he is such a bright child. She said that Teacher Nuraini had told her that Ryan was a bright child and that she could see it too. It reassured me a lot that Ryan's sensei believes in his abilities. I was also grateful to Teacher Nuraini for looking out for Ryan and passing on a good word.

We played a few games with letters and words today, working with different materials. I mentioned in an earlier post that we use stickers quite a lot when we play, and we did today. I thought I'd share a couple of these games with you.

The first one is very simple. We got stickers of different types of vehicles and we put their names together with stickers. Here's Ryan with bus and car on his hands - these were subsequently transferred onto paper together with the rest of the vehicles. Placing the stickers on himself made it kind of special, I guess. He did a dance while he had them stuck on him!

Next is this matching game. If you look closely, you can see letters on the sheet of paper. Ryan stuck each one on and then looked for the corresponding animal. The animal then gets placed next to the letter. We ran out of animals so we couldn't finish the alphabet - where can I get an animal that starts with X?

In the evening, it was painting again! Ryan couldn't wait to get started - he was hurrying Richard to set up the table!

This time Richard brought out his old acrylic paints. Yes, Richard's paints, not Ryan's! Richard used to take Art as a subject in school and art has always been an area of interest for him. He loves to buy books on artists and their work. Still, I think he has not touched these paints for years!

Here's Richard helping Ryan with the brown paint - it was so hard! Some of the colours were still soft though, funnily enough.

After some free hand painting, Richard guided Ryan to paint The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Looks good! Ryan kept saying, "Hungry Cat-per!"

Next Ryan picked an animal to paint from Eric Carle's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" - he picked the brown bear. I don't have a photo of them painting the brown bear though. I only have a photo of the final product. I'll put up a post with all the pieces done over the past few evenings - some are not too bad!

Ok, that's it. See you tomorrow!


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