Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ryan's TV debut

I forgot to mention that we were on TV last week!

For about 3 seconds.

We only found out when an old friend, David, texted Richard to tell him that he had seen us on TV that morning, eating at some place. We were so surprised - we wondered how we could have ended up on TV? Then, we realised! Remember we went to Chiangmai recently? Well, there we visited Huen Phen, a famous restaurant serving local fare. There was a Channel NewsAsia film crew (with Anasuya Sanyal) filming at the restaurant. We recognised Anasuya Sanyal but pretty much ignored her and her crew, we were definitely more interested in our lunch. Little did we know that they were surreptitiously taking footage of the three of us stuffing ourselves with the yummy food.

We looked up the programme - it was "Yours Truly Asia", a sort of travel/food programme about northern Thailand. We were on episode 2. Fortunately, the station scheduled repeat telecasts of the episode, so we managed to watch it subsequently.

They filmed the three of us sitting at the table, eating away, oblivious to our surroundings. Ryan was also eating happily, while sitting on my lap. According to the voiceover, the restaurant is a popular family restaurant in the area. So, apparently, they must have thought that we were locals.

Unfortunately, we forgot all about it after we watched it, so I also forgot to do a post to let you all know before episode 2 ran out (I thought they were still screening episode 2 this week, but I think they have moved on to episode 3). Sad to say, we didn't manage to record it, so maybe we'll try to buy a copy from the station.

So that was our three seconds of fame and Ryan's TV debut!


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