Thursday, December 2, 2010

Project N - The Big Move

After all the filtering, sorting and de-cluttering, we managed to finish packing in good time for the Big Move on Saturday afternoon. Ryan's nanny kindly agreed to take him for the day so we dropped him off in the morning at her place.

Back at the house, it was a strange feeling to see the empty shelves and cupboards. The last time they were like that was when we were moving in, almost five years ago. The house was new to us then, and we were just getting to know it. Now everything is so familiar but we are moving out.

The movers came earlier than scheduled. They said that we didn't have much stuff (probably because we didn't have much furniture) and they loaded up quickly.

It was a very sentimental moment for Richard and I to see our house being emptied and to know that we would not be living in this house anymore. We were getting flashbacks of all the good times we had in the house, and we have had many. Lots of parties, outdoor barbeques, adventures with the cat and dog, little moments with Ryan, special moments with each other and reunions with family and old friends.

It was hard to come up with an adequate goodbye to the house. All I could think of saying was "Thank you for looking after us for the past five years." 

Bye bye, old friend.


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