Monday, December 20, 2010

Ryan's 1st wedding

As I mentioned in my last post, one of Ryan's nanny's daughters got married over the weekend and we were invited to attend, both the church ceremony on Saturday and the dinner on Sunday.

It has truly been a long while since Richard and I attended a wedding together. We have long left the years when our friends were getting hitched, when there was a wedding to attend almost every few weeks, when we had to help out in wedding preparations and rally around the bride and the groom. Now and then, there is the colleague getting married but we usually go solo for those and there is zero involvement backstage.

This one was, however, Ryan's first experience. I think he handled it well. On both days, he was suffering from a lack of sleep, but he was still quite cheerful. Here are a few photos.

- a - ...
- boo!
Eating the first of many courses at the dinner
He was a little intimidated at the dinner so we decided to seat him on our laps instead of in a high chair. Although he was a little restless and very sleepy, he was pretty well-behaved and didn't cry or fuss, so that was great. He got lots of compliments and many of his admiring fans came up to say hello (mostly his nanny's friends and neighbours who know him). There were three Japanese guests at our table, and they were wondering whether he was Japanese (it's because of the hair, I think)!

Here's wishing the happy couple many merry days ahead!


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