Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project N - still in progress

We still have lots to sort and unpack, arrange and re-arrange. We haven't really been doing it consistently, especially not over the Christmas weekend, so it's stretching out a little longer than it should. Hopefully, we'll be done by this week.  The contractor is supposed to make one last visit to tidy up some loose ends, hopefully that will also happen this week.

Yesterday we bought carpets for the living room and we also went shopping for living room seating. Actually, we bought a small couch from Molecule earlier, but that didn't work out - Tiger decided that it was the perfect spot to pee and poo. Although the couch was all right (it was made of PVC so it was very easy to clean), we didn't fancy coming home and receiving "presents" everyday. So we gave the couch away and went to look for an alternative. We saw something we liked yesterday, a lounge chair at air division, but they only had one piece and we want two. We have to wait three months for the new pieces to come in, which is quite disappointing. Still, we like it very much so we might just go ahead and place the order.

Otherwise, we are enjoying our new home. There are a number of adjustments that we have had to make, which is part and parcel of migrating from a landed property to a condominium, but by and large, it's been all right.

Richard is not working this week and I am also taking a few days off so we will try our darndest to get the place in shape by Friday.


terri said...

The natural lighting imparts a nice clean glow to your new home :)

Pinkie Pirate said...

Yeah, the sunlight and the breeze flows through wonderfully!

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