Sunday, December 19, 2010

Out with mummy

Ryan's nanny took Friday off (her daughter was getting married over the weekend) so I took the day off work to be with Ryan.

We spent the morning playing at home, then I drove us out to East Coast Park by the beach for lunch - we are just a five-minute drive to the beach now! We went to Old Town White Coffee but Ryan wasn't in the mood for food so it was just me eating. After I was done, I took Ryan out to the beach for a walk. Surprisingly, although it was around noon, it wasn't sunny or hot. Coupled with the absence of the weekend crowd, it was actually very pleasant.

Cloudy skies made our walk very pleasant
At first, Ryan wanted to be carried but when he heard the birds singing in the trees, he was intrigued and that got him walking about to investigate the source of the musical sounds. There were two birds that were walking about on the ground so he tracked them back out to the carpark.

Ryan followed the sound of the birds to the carpark
After that, he was quite excited about walking back out to the seashore.

Contemplating the vast sea in front of him
Examining shells and stones on the seashore
Giving the sea a high-five!
After a long and enjoyable walk along the shore, we went for a drink and a snack and this time Ryan ate heartily (perhaps because it was KFC...).

Anyway, I enjoyed the outing and I think Ryan did too. It was peaceful and quiet and just wonderful.

From the beach, I decided that we would drop in on Richard at his office. It was Richard's last day (he is starting a new position in another firm in January) so I concluded that it would be all right. Also, Richard's colleagues all love Ryan to bits so I didn't think they would mind. So I drove us there, while Ryan took a short nap in the car.

When we got there, Richard and his colleagues had just finished their Christmas lunch and everyone was still in a party mood. They were delighted to see Ryan and he got lots of little sweets and chocolates (which he didn't eat). While we were there, they did their Christmas gift exchange and popped some bubbly and took lots of photographs.

Ryan and I left about 5pm and went home. Ryan was pooped and went down for a nap quite quickly when we got home.

When Richard got home, we celebrated his unemployment with a delicious dinner at Casa Bom Vento. Seriously, the food at this restaurant is really good - we had Itek Tim soup, barbecued stingray, tau pok with minced meat, tempura nuggets and chicken curry lemak. Richard and I polished off two bowls of rice EACH. Yummy.

It was a long day, and I think we made the most of it. Good stuff.


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