Friday, December 24, 2010

High-5 Concert

One of Ryan’s favourite DVD series is the High-5 series. He loves the song and dance routines and most of the time he dances along to most of the songs whenever we play the DVD.

The group is in town and is performing at the Marina Square Shopping Mall from 26 Nov to 12 Dec. On one of the Saturdays (4 Dec), mummy has to go court and this is the perfect opportunity for me to take Ryan to see his favourite group in live action!

We started off bright and early and we reached Marina Square at about 11.00am. The show starts at 1pm so we had time to have some breakfast and walk around the shops. We shared a McDonald’s Big Breakfast. Here’s a shot of Ryan chomping on his breakfast.

The show will be at the main atrium of the shopping centre and there was a big High-5 logo, which was used as the backdrop for the stage. Ryan instantly recognizes the logo and he even poses in front of the logo for daddy to take a photo. Here are the shots of Ryan posing.

By 1pm, the place is packed and you can see that all the children are very excited; including Ryan. He enjoyed the show tremendously although it’s a little short as it lasted for only about 30 minutes. It’s definitely worth it as Ryan is able to see his favourite group perform live.

Here's a shot of the stage from the balcony where we were standing to watch the show. You can see Ryan's curls at the bottom left of the photo.

We top it off with some souvenir shopping and I got Ryan a High-5 DVD, a High-5 balloon and a JupJup soft toy.

Ryan had a fantastic outing and he fell asleep in his car seat on the way back home.


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