Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eggs on a tree

Christmas is just two weeks away but we haven't got our tree yet. Our new place isn't ready for a tree yet, the contractor will need to make one or two more trips to finish up the renovation work, plus there are still lots of boxes (packed and unpacked) lying about. We're working on it! Getting everything ready in time for Christmas is definitely the goal and that includes getting the tree. Having a Christmas tree is a must because without one, we just don't feel as though we celebrated Christmas properly.

We do have a small plastic tree, which we usually place on the dining table, together with other Christmas decorations. As our new dining table is much smaller than our previous one, I thought I would give this small tree away. Just before I put it in the "outbox", I decided to show it to Ryan and let him have a little fun with it.

Ryan showed quite a lot of interest in the small tree. I got him to play a little game with it - meaning of course I got him to hang some "ornaments" on it. I used these small wooden Easter eggs with strings attached, which were the perfect size for hanging on the small tree.

The tree is only a little shorter than Ryan, so he could reach the top of the tree, which as you can see from the multiple eggs, was his favourite spot.

Actually Ryan was a little apprehensive when I introduced the tree to him because the plastic leaves were hard and prickly to touch. So I quickly grabbed the eggs which were nearby (we had just finished playing with them) to try to maintain his interest in the tree. I was hoping that the fun of hanging the eggs on the tree would overcome the discomfort of touching the prickly leaves, and fortunately, it worked. He thoroughly enjoyed the activity and I hope he now has good vibes about Christmas trees.

The tree is still in Ryan's playroom, still bearing the Easter eggs. I can't bear to give it away now!


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