Friday, February 8, 2013

Life of a Model

Rachel appeared on the Cheeky Britches Facebook page last month, looking absolutely darling in their Japanese-inspired designs. I sent her photo to them just to express my appreciation and praise for their products and they liked the photo enough to ask me if they could put it up on their site. I'm looking forward to seeing their new range of colours this season. I will definitely be picking up a few pieces - I love their soft and comfortable fabrics!

This is the photo!

In other modelling related news, Ryan's commercial for Super has been showing on TV in Singapore on Channel 8! We heard about it from a few friends, although we have yet to see it ourselves. That's fantastic news because the commercial was supposed to be for internet use only. I guess the clients love it enough to use it on more than one platform.
Similarly, Ryan's commercial for Nestlé might be taken to an additional country! We don't know any details yet, let's hope it does go places!
Have a good weekend, everyone!


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