Monday, January 14, 2013

Ryan's commercial for Super!

Here's Ryan's latest commercial! He is at 0:43-0:44 and 1:09-1:11 of the video!

This was the one that Ryan shot at Sentosa last month. Huge thanks again to everyone on set - from the crew at Veer Motion Graphics to Ryan's co-stars (Ashraff and Teresa). The commercial is really cute and sweet! I think it is not airing on TV at the moment, only on the internet, although it will be in circulation on the internet for quite some time (2 years). The company has a separate commercial on TV at the moment. Still they may also choose to crop parts of this commercial to make a shorter one for airing on TV, so let's hope they do and that Ryan's scene makes the cut!

Ryan had two auditions last week so we are crossing our fingers that he will get booked for more work!


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