Thursday, February 7, 2013

Off we go!

As I write this post, we are travelling by car to Malaysia. Both the littles are fast asleep in their car seats while Richard navigates in the darkness.

We are looking forward to the Lunar New Year. We have already discussed where to go, what to eat, who to see, what to do, and most importantly, how much sleep we can catch up on.

Yes, sleep, glorious sleep. It has been a tiring few days for us. For me, my procrastination brought matters to a head this week and I found myself having to juggle stuff that should have been resolved months ago together with stuff from the present. I was trying to squeeze out more than 24 hours from each day.

I probably made it a lot tougher for myself to get everything done by scheduling in a few meet ups with friends, but these were my much-needed time-outs, my pressure reliefs, my moments of downtime. One of these was a visit to Ophelia in the maternity ward to welcome her latest bundle of joy, handsome little Chris. Ophelia is a gorgeous lady, whether pregnant or not, and it's because she is always smiling. And why wouldn't she - she's got three handsome sons now! (She's specialising!)

Ophelia delivered in the same hospital that I delivered so the visit brought back fond memories for me. I had Rachel in June last year and I can't decide whether it feels like a long time ago or just a blink ago. I guess we forget some parts (the bad) and remember others (the good)? So the good bits are clear as yesterday while the bad bits have faded like memories of yesteryear.

Cradling little Chris and watching Ophelia handle him with her expert touch, I wondered if I was up for Round 3 myself. I can't say either way right now. As for Richard, I know he is happy with our two monsters but he would be happy with three rascals too. And why wouldn't he? I have heard people give all sorts of reasons for not having more children. In my view, they all don't wash. Having another child may bring financial issues, logistical issues and lots of other issues, but really, at the end of the day, will one ever regret having another child? I can't imagine so.

Anyway, those are thoughts for another day. For now, I'm excited about celebrating the Lunar New Year, Rachel's very first!


MieVee @ said...

Welcome back to Malaysia! :) We're trying for #3 now, life is a bit more relaxing here. Big families will always figure a way out. Hubby's colleague is expecting her 6th baby, what's 3?!? Haha... Happy lunar new year! :)

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