Friday, February 1, 2013

Supper and scooting at the beach

Sharing a few photos taken last week when we had supper at Teh Tarik Cartel in East Coast Park. Ryan had napped through dinnertime and when he woke up, he asked for roti prata so we brought him for some "coin prata".

He's wearing the paper visor that he got from the Jurong Bird Park when he went there with his friends last year. He also brought his backpack out with him, as if he was going on some excursion, but we left that in the car.

After our meal, Ryan did a little scooting along the beach. It turned out to be an ideal place for a beginner like him as the path was a long straight lane and, given that it was a weekday night, there was virtually no pedestrian traffic.

Where's babydoll? Here she is, snuggled up against me in the Beco carrier!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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