Friday, September 7, 2012

Ryan's commercial for Nestlé

Here's the commercial that Ryan did for Nestlé!

There is an English version and a Mandarin version, and I think there is a long version (30 seconds) and a short version (15 seconds) of each. It is currently airing on both Mediacorp Channel 5 and Channel 8 from 1 to 28 September 2012.

The mom in the commercial is played by Melissa Faith Yeo, a local celebrity. The commercial was produced by a company called "moving bits".

Every single person at the shoot was so supportive of Ryan and he was treated like a star.  They even asked what his favourite food was so that they could prepare his lunch. Everyone from moving bits said that he was the best little fellow they had ever worked with! Having said that, I have to give credit to moving bits for being so patient and encouraging. Everyone, from the cameraman to the fellow who heated up his milk, treated him so well and spoke to him so positively. It definitely put Ryan in a great mood for the shoot. Melissa, his co-star, was also very patient with Ryan throughout the many takes that they needed to get the footage, while managing to stay fresh and pretty for the camera! The representatives from Nestlé were all extremely nice and friendly, and had nothing but good words for Ryan.

So, thanks so very much to everyone who played a part in this! Ryan had the best time!


Anonymous said...

Your son is really cute, Leona...


The Creative Beast said...

it's been quite awhile since I last posted a comment here, but I've been watching your son grow since I first found your blog...he is getting to be a big fellow! And so cute! No wonder he was chosen to do the commercial =-)

It is a great commercial and he looks adorable in it! Congratulations!

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