Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stuff your toddler should know

Knowledge of basic shapes is important to help your child identify letters, and help him/her with writing and reading later on. Shapes are also extremely important in math, to help develop sequencing and logic skills and of course, to use in geometry and calculus. Shapes are also helpful in art - almost anything can be drawn using shapes and drawing shapes is usually the first step in graduating to more detailed artwork. Knowledge of 3-D shapes also gives the child insight into the properties of objects - eg. a sphere will roll, while a pyramid will not.

Toddlers pick up shapes easily and parents can help their children learn the important, more commonly found, shapes - a duty that Richard takes very seriously.

If you're laughing at the photo (taken a few days ago), well I was laughing too when Richard was drawing the last shape, thinking that he was playing the fool. However, when Richard pointed to the shape and asked Ryan, "What's this?", Ryan actually said, "Bat!"

I was flabbergasted! Richard, on the other hand, was grinning from ear to ear, holding both arms up in the air in victory. (Richard then taught him to say, "Batman".)

For another laugh, click here. This was Ryan at 4 days old.


Kenny Leow said...

I guess Richard is a fan of Batman?

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