Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our long weekend

Last weekend was a long one for Richard and me. We took Monday off and sent Ryan to his nanny's as usual so that we could have some couple time. We caught a movie and walked about the shops.

Tuesday was a public holiday and it was also pretty relaxed, except when it came to night time - Ryan made us read book after book to him until two o'clock in the morning! By the time I put him to bed and fell asleep myself, it was close to four. It was not funny trying to get out of bed for work on Wednesday morning, after four days of sleeping in and a very late night.

Actually, now that we don't have any house guests, we're putting Ryan back on his home activities and he seems pretty enthusiastic about that. This also means no more DVDs - Ryan was on a DVD-watching spree when we had house guests and I think he got too attached to them. Now when we get home after work, Richard takes him straight to his playroom (away from the tv) and they stay inside for two to three hours, playing, doing artwork, and listening to music. Just before bedtime, there's reading. Oh, and dancing of course, there's always dancing! Richard and I swap in and out so that we can each have our bath or do household chores. If there's nothing that needs to be done, then you can find all three of us in the playroom. We'll try to keep going like this until the DVD fever has truly died down, after which Ryan can roam around the house as he did before, without being tempted by the tv.

Saturday was also a public holiday, due to the Presidential Elections, so there was no Edudrama. We actually wanted to go to the park but the weather was too wet so we spent the day at home, only venturing out at meal times. As it turned out, Ryan didn't wake from his nap till the daylight had gone anyway. We made up for that the next day, Sunday, when the weather was kind enough to allow us some fun outdoors.

Hope you had a fun weekend too.


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