Monday, September 19, 2011

Life of a Model

Ryan updated his agency photo a few weeks back.

As usual, it was quite a nightmare putting together a selection of outfits for the shoot. That was the period when we were fairly strapped for time - we had a guest staying with us and I had just come out of the pregnancy. We cobbled together clothes from Ryan's existing wardrobe but our photographer was not happy - he said everything was too big! Ryan is coming to 32 months now but he fits into clothes for 12 to 18 months, or 18 to 24 months. Sometimes even 9 to 12 months. We've been buying clothes for his age, not his size, thinking that he'd grow into them soon but that hasn't happened yet. Also, since his last shoot, he has grown slimmer although a little taller, so even his old clothes hang loose on him.

Our photographer settled, unwillingly, on one outfit, but when we put Ryan in front of the camera, Ryan didn't respond (he was having the sniffles) so our photographer told us that we might as well try another day. With a new wardrobe!

The following Monday, when Richard and I were on leave, we went shopping for Ryan. Bright colours, no whites, no greys, no logos, no cartoons - not easy! We scoured all sources but it was tough going. To make things more difficult, the US/European labels were stocking their autumn collections, which meant a lot of long-sleeves and warm (dull) colours. After a long day, we managed to pick up some tops. The following day, which was a public holiday, we brought Ryan out with us to pick up some pants.

All our efforts paid off - the shoot on 1 September went perfectly. All's well that ends well. Here's the new shot! I like it a lot!

The top is new, from Mothercare (Richard spotted it). It's for 9-12 months! The pants are from Fox, from Ryan's existing wardrobe.

The last round, Ryan got called up twice for auditions with clients, so that was a pretty good result. We couldn't make it for the first audition because we were out of town. The second one was for McDonald's! Unfortunately we didn't do too well at the audition - they asked Ryan to sit on a chair for the photographer to snap a shot but he kept climbing off the chair to be with Richard and me. Oh well. Every shoot/audition is a learning experience and I'm sure things will get smoother as Ryan grows older.

This shot will last us for a bit longer than the last one - the next update was supposed to be in December, but our photographer said he'll schedule it in February next year so that Ryan can grow up a little more. If you compare the last shot with this one, you'll see that, apart from the hair, there's not a lot of difference between the two, so there's not a lot of point doing an update too soon.

A few more shots to share with you here.


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