Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-autumn festival 2011

The moon was lovely tonight, big and full. We took Ryan's lanterns - last year's Spongebob and this year's Thomas the Train (both given to him by his nanny) - and made our way to the beach. We got there about half-past nine and there weren't many people around. I guess most people stayed indoors because of the haze, or perhaps they had more happening places to be.

We took a slow stroll along the pedestrian walk, taking in the cool air and the quiet night. Ryan wanted to be carried, although he insisted on carrying both his lanterns himself.

Interestingly, it was very quiet. There were some couples, young and old, carrying lanterns and strolling along. There were some sitting on the beach by the light of their lanterns. There were some people hanging out in groups, lighting sparklers. Yet, there were no loud voices, nobody running around being rowdy. It was as if everyone was lost in their own little world and they appreciated the peace and the quiet. Amazing.


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