Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ryan started a new term at Edudrama today. This will be his last term at Julia Gabriel as we are not keen on moving to Forum (for the English classes) or to Rochester Mall (for the Mandarin classes). He was very happy in class today, prancing about, making lots of comments and laughing out loud.

We spent the afternoon at home. In the evening, the weather was quite cool so we hopped in the car and popped over to Punggol Park for a little playground time.

We remembered to bring Ryan's little car this time, which rescued me from some calorie-busting weight-lifting.

It must have rained earlier because there were puddles in some of the slides. Richard had to lift Ryan off the slides once he got halfway down. Ryan decided to focus on climbing instead.

Plus some number-tracing on the hopscotch.

We had dinner at Wild Oats. This was Ryan's pre-dinner entertainment - matching the upper-case and lower-case letters.

A quiet, relaxing Saturday. Just the type we like.


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