Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend update

We've been having a few lazy weekends now. The weekend before last, we were in Vietnam, and we spent half the time in the hotel room, just lazing about. Last weekend was not very different! Ryan went for all his classes and in between we lazed about at home and took long naps.

We were up late with friends on Friday night, and only got to bed close to 2 am. Woke up early on Saturday for Edudrama and in the afternoon, the three of us napped for three hours, before dragging ourselves out of the house. We met up with some friends at Wild Oats in Punggol Park for dinner. Sunday was more of the same - there was swimming and Shichida, and Ryan and I went to bed at 9 pm. Glorious.

One piece of bad news - our cat Tiger was hospitalised for a bladder blockage. He went in last Thursday. His condition has been improving steadily, and hopefully he can come home today.  We miss that grumpy grouch!

In other news, here's something that Ryan did recently - a weaving activity with strips of paper. This is the first time Ryan attempted weaving and Richard and I helped out a lot. Not bad for a first attempt and I'm sure he'll get better at it!

My mum is here for about a week, which is one reason why the blog has recently been all about our trip to USA - no time to write proper posts! I've also been trying to get all the posts on the trip done so that I can move on to other stuff. Just one more post to go and normal transmission will resume!

Hope you lovelies had a lovely weekend.


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