Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eggs on a tree Part 2

Here's a Youtube video (6 minutes) of a fine motor activity that we did
a couple of weeks back. Ryan is hanging ornaments (wooden eggs)
onto a metal tree. If you're wondering what he's saying, he's naming
the colour of each egg as he picks up each one from the box.
He also says, "Oh! Sorry!" if he drops an egg.
He says, "Tree! Tree! Tree!" somewhere in the middle of the video.

I love it that he does a little hop and dance after hanging each one.
I especially love it when, after getting the eggs on the tree, he shifts
them around and arranges them, as if he is making an art piece.
At the end, he stands back with his hands on his hips,
gives his masterpiece an admiring and approving look and says, "Wow!"

I'd always thought that hanging stuff was a natural "skill".
Actually, it's not. It needs to be learnt.
Once Ryan got the loop onto the point, he needed to understand
that he could just let go and let gravity take over.
Of course, it's not a difficult lesson, he caught on pretty quickly.

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