Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homemade wind chime

Ryan started his term at Edudrama on Saturday. We signed him up for both the English and the Mandarin classes, which are back to back. Each is an hour long, a total of two hours every weekend.

The classes follow the structure of Playclub, except there is no arts and crafts segment, no snack time and no outdoor play. The number of students in class is also half the size of Playclub (and so is the classroom). We signed up for the parent-accompanied classes and Richard accompanied him for the English class, while I took the Mandarin class.

Ryan is the very youngest in both the English and Mandarin classes at just past 29 months and he got lots of loving attention from the teachers. I think he enjoyed the class, and so did I, but I'll let him take in a few more sessions before I form a firm view.

On Sunday, Richard and I tackled a little crafts project - we made a little wind chime for Ryan! In Mandarin Edudrama, Ryan (and I) learned the Mandarin characters for "wind chime" (feng ling) so I thought we could reinforce that by making one!


We used bells, drinking straws, chopsticks and string. We added some beads for weight and to make it "pretty".

The construction was not really something that Ryan could help with much, so he just played with the beads and straws while Richard and I sorted it out. The design was done by Richard, I was just the manual labourer.

We hung it in the doorway of our little kitchen and will probably leave it up there for a little while. I shall point it out to Ryan everyday and say "Feng Ling!"


Qwee Ling said...

Leona, you are very creative. Ryan must be one lucky boy to have such fun parents. I really salute you! How I wish I also have the energy like you to keep up with my boys! What do you eat? Care to share?

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hey Qwee Ling, thanks for your comments! You have two active boys, I only have one small toddler! You're always so cheerful - I think I need to learn from you!

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