Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Trip to USA - Home sweet home

After hearing horror stories of the traffic jams leading to JFK International Airport, we decided to make our way there as early as possible. So after we got back from Brooklyn, we checked out and headed out in a cab. The trip to the airport went without a hitch, no traffic jam at all. We had tons of time to kill though.

Here's Ryan doing some exercise as we waited to check in.

After we checked in our luggage and got our boarding passes, we decided to explore the airport. Rode the AirTrain (which is like the skytrain in Changi International Airport) to see the rest of the terminals.

JFK has eight terminals containing 151 gates, seven terminals are currently in use. Over ninety airlines operate out of JFK. It is the busiest international air passenger and freight gateway to the United States.

To be frank, there isn't much to see at the airport. The terminals are very business-like - they just focus on getting the people on and off the planes. Some terminals don't have food outlets or shops. All of them don't provide a lot of seating around the terminal for waiting passengers. It is definitely not a place to hang out, unlike Changi International Airport in Singapore.

Our flight was on time and everything went smoothly. Ryan was happy and in good spirits.

We stopped in Frankfurt and the flight from Frankfurt was slightly delayed. Arrived in Singapore safe and sound. It was a fantastic trip!


Jasopheleb said...

Babe we will be there tis guys have so much fun! Excited, but sesame street is just too far a drive for us now hope we will be able to visit it someday!

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