Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playing with beads!

Remember those beads that Ryan was using for threading? Since then, we've used the beads for all sorts of games - sorting by shapes and colours, counting, etc. We've also used them for much simpler games, like this one in this video (you may want to moderate the volume on your computer for this).

Great sensory activity and Ryan enjoyed it thoroughly!

To be honest, I actually planned a different activity, but when the beads landed on the tray and rolled around making all that lovely noise, Ryan started this game all on his own! All we had to do was hold on to the tray!

Now this is the activity that I had originally planned, which we eventually got around to on a different occasion. It's a fine motor activity. Ryan picks up each bead and places it onto one of the suckers on the suction pads. The hand-shaped pads are the size of his hands.

We have suction pads in the shape of feet and hearts too. Quite fun, although it's not a game that we play often. Definitely less exciting than the game in the video!

By the way, my review of Freight Train by Donald Crews is up at our Learning at Home section!

[This post also appears in our Learning at Home section.]


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