Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

We usually go to KL/Ipoh to celebrate Chinese New Year with our families but this year we couldn't go because I'd just delivered so Richard's parents and second sister, Mary, came over instead. They arrived on Sunday, the eve of Chinese New Year, when Ryan was just 3 days old, and they left on Tuesday.

Ryan was hugged and kissed repeatedly, his every limb and feature was examined and marvelled over, his every expression elicited cries of pleasure and wonder. Ryan is the first male grandchild and the first one of all his cousins to bear the family name. Also, he shares the same birthday as Richard's mum. So Richard's mum has given him the title of 'the golden grandchild'.

Here are pictures of the proud grandparents and Richard's sister, Mary, with Ryan.


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