Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scan at 39 weeks

My weight has yo-yoed up today. Dr Chan was shaking his head until he looked at my hands and feet and concluded it was just water retention and not “real” weight gain. Phew! Baby is estimated to be 2.850kg, about the same as at the previous two checkups, which means that neither baby nor mummy is gaining weight and neither one is getting any benefit from the pregnancy at this stage. Dr Chan advised us to induce delivery straightaway. Basically, the baby is starving so we should get him out quickly instead of waiting for natural contractions. He said that, if baby’s weight was still increasing, he could let baby stay inside till EDD or even a few days after, but not in this situation where baby’s weight is stagnant.

Dr Chan assured us that baby has reached a safe and healthy weight so it is safe to deliver him now. He told us to get ourselves admitted to the labour ward at 8pm tonight and the baby will likely be out tomorrow. Baby is still heads down but not engaged.


I had a feeling this baby would come early. But I did not expect that it would be like this! This was not in the plan! I know natural delivery (as in waiting for contractions to come naturally) also comes 'unexpectedly', but at least that was the plan! This is a real twist! It feels so strange that I know my baby's birthday already.

Here are the scans. You can see the umbilical cord is still around his neck.


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