The thing I love most about being pregnant is feeling baby's movements. From the first tentative and oh-so-gentle flutter in the beginning to his strong insistent kicks and punches and now, his vigorous squirming and wriggling about, the feeling is absolutely glorious. It is the one real thing that tells me that there is a little person living with me, under my skin.

I'm always wondering whether it's a little foot or an elbow that is distorting my belly, what position he is in, whether he's comfortable and happy. When we go to a crowded and noisy place or when we are at the movies, he's always moving about - does it mean he's excited and happy or does it mean he's irritated? He moves a lot at night, when I'm resting. He moves about a lot when I lean forward while sitting or when I sleep (partially) on my belly - probably to protest that I'm squishing him. Sometimes his movements are so strong that it almost hurts but it's so good to know that he is growing well. Sometimes there are little continuous taps because he is having the hiccups and that always brings a smile to my face.

It's comforting that I can keep him with me all the time, wherever I go and whatever I do. I'm never alone and I can never leave him alone. It's wonderful.


myra said...

Wow..getting closer now right..or maybe you might have delivered already when you read this.

I love reading the progress you've put up.

Take Care

Another mommy on the blog.

Unknown said...


Cant wait to see Baby Ryan.
Pls upload pix :)

We ( choi yen, voon hooi, soo ling, yuen fun , yin yin and kar yee ) are having our reunion and we are checking out your blog.

Voon Hooi might drop by this Sat

Take good care and Happy Chinese New year

chee mui

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