Friday, January 30, 2009

PD visit at 8 days old

Today we brought Ryan for his check-up with the PD, Dr Ngiam of Singapore Baby and Child Clinic at Gleneagles. This was the first time that Ryan and I had ventured out of the house since the birth.

Ryan measured in at 3.23 kg. When we checked out of the hospital after the birth, he had dropped a little from 3.24 kg to 2.94 kg, which is normal and within the expected range. Looks like he regained his birthweight quite easily.

Dr Ngiam gave Ryan the once-over and checked his colour. He said that there is a small trace of yellow but not enough to be clinical jaundice and the little trace should disappear soon. So it looks like Ryan has escaped jaundice – yay! We were told to monitor him over the next few days just in case. Well done, baby!

No jabs today but some blood was extracted from Ryan's heel for metabolic screening.

Here are some photos taken over the last few days.

Small and tiny at 4 days old

Suntanning on the balcony in my arms

Snug as a bug in Daddy's swaddle

Still small and tiny at 1 week old


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