Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scan at 37 weeks

Our gynae visits are getting closer now. It's been two weeks since our last visit and our next visit will be one week from now. Today is the significant 37th week milestone - baby is officially full term which means he will not be a premature baby. Still, to be safe, he should stay in the womb until at least 38 weeks, so that his lungs can fully mature.

Today's scan showed baby still in a heads-down position but not engaged yet. His weight gain has slowed slightly but he has still grown about 300 g and is now 2820g. Mummy has also put on 300 g from last visit two weeks back so looks like all her weight gain went to baby. Everything with mummy and baby is normal and well.

Dr Chan reminded us that we should be winding down things in the office and getting ready for baby's arrival. He also reminded us of the labour signs - waterbag burst/leak, show and/or contractions coming every 5 minutes - and he also went through what we should do in case labour kicks in - go straight to labour ward where they will do all the necessary preparations.

After the appointment, we met up with an agent from Cordlife and signed up for their 21-year plan to bank baby's cord blood. After considering Stemcord and Cordlife, we decided to go with Cordlife instead.

We also did the pre-registration for hospital admission, which will help speed up the administrative matters in case labour kicks in and we have to hurry to the labour ward.

Here are the 2D shots. No 3D/4D shots again as baby was too close to the skin (not enough contrast) to get a good shot. These are shots of baby's head.


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