Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scan at 38 weeks

After last week's visit, we were very excited that baby could arrive very soon and at anytime. After waiting for a week without any sign, it feels like it's never going to happen, haha! Of course, we are not going to be preggers forever; but it does feel like our lives are on hold now - we're all prepared and ready for baby but where's baby?

Of course, there's still plenty of time for baby to laze around inside and there's no cause for worry just because he hasn't popped out yet. It's also great that baby managed to get past 38 weeks. 38 weeks is an important milestone as the lungs are more mature and capable of operating outside the womb now.

Dr Chan did a vaginal examination today and said that the cervix is still closed and high. Ultrasound scan shows our baby has put on 60 g in the past week. Mummy has lost some weight (about 700 g) but that's all right as baby is still growing. He has turned face-in (facing mummy's spine) which is the right position for vaginal birthing. The level of fluid in the womb (liquor) is normal. Everything is normal and going well. However, the scan shows that the umbilical cord may be around the baby's neck and, although this is quite common, we will need to be careful during labour and delivery to make sure that it doesn't cause baby any distress. While he is still in the womb, it won't cause him any trouble and he may still wriggle out of it. So no worries.

Dr Chan said that "Baby is ripe, he just doesn't want to fall from the tree yet" and he reminded us once again of the labour signs.

Here are the 2D shots. The first one shows the umbilical cord on baby's neck. The second one shows baby's testicles (T for testicle - haha! Hope baby will forgive us for displaying his gonads on the internet!). Not much else to see on the scan because baby is really filling up the womb space now.


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