Friday, November 7, 2014

Some sweetness for the weekend

Yesterday, I helped to chaperone Ryan's class excursion to an exhibition at the Australian International School (AIS). It was a very interesting trip, both for the adults and the preschoolers. It was amazing to see what the Year 5 students at AIS could come up with to raise awareness of important issues like lack of education in some countries, unequal rights, global warming, health issues like vaccines and medical infrastructure, lack of clean water, poverty, homelessness, endangered animals, and lots lots more. Fantastic stuff - thoroughly researched and excellently presented.

I had a good time chatting with Ryan's classmates as well. They are very familiar with me as I am there everyday to send/fetch Ryan. Some of them have known me since Ryan started preschool in August 2012. I've also had the pleasure of volunteering for class activities with them over the past two years. They are a great bunch of children.

Babydoll is still itching to start going to school with Ryan. Yesterday she specifically told me that she wanted to "go class together" with Ryan. Our plan is to wait till August 2015 but, given how insistent she is coupled with our observation that she is, in fact, ready, we may have to review that date.

Have a good weekend, yeah? Here's your weekly dose of sweetness - some photos taken over breakfast when we were in Mauritius. See you on Monday!


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