Monday, November 10, 2014

A different point of view

For dinner last night, we went to Zaffron on East Coast Road. There is a small play area in the restaurant where the littles hung out. They made friends quickly with the other kids who were already there. In particular, babydoll was the fancy of another little girl (about 6 months older than babydoll). The little girl kept taking babydoll's hand, leading her all over the restaurant, weaving in and out of the tables. Babydoll thought it was all hilariously funny and kept giggling the whole time. 

Babydoll's big brother was not so happy! He must have objected pretty strongly because the little girl's mummy had to bring the three of them to our table to explain that Ryan was upset at the fact that babydoll and her daughter had become fast friends. I asked Ryan, what's the matter? and his reply was, "I don't want meimei to marry this girl."

Heh heh.

Anyway, after some reassuring, Ryan was all right with the girls' friendship and he let them be. The girls had a great time, so much so that the little girl's mummy left us her contact number so that we could get the girls together again.

When we got home, I asked Ryan, well, "If you don't want meimei to marry that girl, who do you think meimei should marry?"

He said, "I want meimei to marry me."


Truly, Ryan is not the most loving brother around. But his heart is definitely in the right place. I asked him what he thought to "marry" someone means, and he said it means to stay together with that person. So, despite their squabbles and their disagreements, it looks like he accepts babydoll as an important and essential part of his life.

Today I told him, if you want meimei to marry you, then you'll have to be nice to her, you know. He said ok. Heh heh, we'll see how long that lasts!

Here are some photos of the two monsters. These were taken in November last year.


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