Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

For Halloween this year, we went trick-or-treating, followed by a potluck neighbourhood street party! It was fantastic! The neighbourhood really came together and made it such a great night. Have a look!

Ryan went as Peter Pan, which was his costume from two years ago. As you can see, it still fits him perfectly. Babydoll went as a Bollywood star, of course. Heh heh. Completely un-Halloweeny. I've got to get them good and proper scary and spooky costumes next year.

We were in the first group of trick-or-treaters. There were many more groups after  us, even after the sun went down and the potluck dinner began. The adults got into the act as well, with many of them dressing to fit the occasion. Some even dressed their dogs up! Some who lived a little further away, drove their fully-spooked up cars to the party. It was absolutely fabulous.

Babydoll was a little scared at first, when she saw all the monsters, zombies, and other bloody creatures. I had to carry her into the first few houses - she was brave enough then to go up to the scary host to take (just one piece of) candy, haha. She was all right after a while, after seeing how much fun everyone was having and how harmless all the scary people were. Ryan had the time of his life, following the crowd and collecting as much candy as he liked. He wasn't scared at all, even as he noted which houses were spookier than the rest.

It was a fantastic evening!


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