Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Festival of Lights at preschool

Last week, Ryan's preschool held a carnival called the Festival of Lights, in celebration of Deepavali. The students made decorations and they set up stalls to sell food, handmade crafts and services like face-painting, henna and non-henna temporary tattoos. Some external vendors were invited to set up stalls as well. There were activities such as dress-up and arts and crafts. All proceeds went to charity.

Everyone came dressed appropriately and of course, babydoll came in her Indian princess get-up. You must be wondering whether she wears anything else nowadays, haha. Since we bought it, she has worn it about six times. She loves it!

Babydoll had a blast at the carnival! She's familiar with Ryan's preschool so she needed no warm-up time at all. Without waiting for an invitation, she joined the older children in the playground, climbing up and sliding down in her glamourous outfit, hanging off bars and jumping into tyres. She even inserted herself into a football game with boys more than twice her age and size, and managed to get a hold of the ball a couple of times (with a little help). She was also an expert at the arts and crafts station - cool and calm, deliberate in her choice of colours and patterns.

Here's Ryan in his Indian outfit, which he has also worn many times. After many years, at long last, he is finally outgrowing it, so this is (I promise!) the last time you'll see him in it.

There were beautiful decorations all over the preschool, including lots of rangoli, of course.

Prior to the carnival, in addition to planning what to sell at their stall (baked goods and face-painting), Ryan's class had a discussion about which charity they would like the fundraising proceeds to be donated to. I thought this was a wonderful project for the students! After the discussion, the students made a bar graph to represent the results (the winner was "the poor people"). The class also wrote a note to the school administration to let them know of their decision (I just adore how they sign off as "Love, K2A"). The letter was hand delivered by a group of children, led by Ryan. Ryan also acted as photographer and photographed their efforts.

All in all, the carnival was a fun evening for the littles. Babydoll probably now has the idea that going to preschool is super fun! For the past few weeks, she has been bugging me to send her to preschool with Ryan, so after the carnival, I think she will be even more determined to get started as soon as possible!


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