Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Snippets of our weekend

Here are some snippets of the weekend just past. It isn't a complete account of what we did, just some glimpses here and there.

We started our weekend on Friday, because the nanny was on leave. It felt exactly like a weekend, except that Richard was working. He joined us for lunch though.

Here are the littles enjoying playing together. They are painting here. They do squabble and sometimes, when it seems like one is disturbing the other's work, we will offer a new activity. For example, if Ryan is focused on building his train tracks, babydoll may come along and mess things up. I usually let them try to resolve things on their own but if they can't, I sometimes offer babydoll another activity. This only works for about three seconds - Ryan will then hurry over and join in! Well, at least they know that being a duo is more fun than going solo. More and more frequently now, they manage to resolve their little squabbles on their own, because they do want to keep playing together.

Here's babydoll being babydoll. I always get asked if my children are not pure Chinese or if they are some other race/blend. I think it must be their round eyes?

There was lots of water time. I read somewhere, "If your kids are crabby, put them in water." This is very true! Not that the littles were crabby but being in water definitely has a positive effect all round.

The tide was higher than usual on Saturday morning, after the heavy downpour the day before. I didn't drain our little swimming pool after our afternoon swim and the heavy rain in the evening flooded the adjoining bedroom! 

Ryan was pleased to discover that he could do a new stunt on his scooter - riding on one front wheel (and the back wheel).

More water time.

Sitting at the sink, brushing their teeth. Up till now, we do not have a fixed teeth-brushing routine! The kids actually love to brush their teeth, they just need me to give them the signal. I must try harder to make this stick!

 Okay, that's all!


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