Thursday, August 28, 2014

Visiting Aquaria KLCC and KL Bird Park

Sometimes it's amusing to find out what it is that sticks in the children's memories of our outings. We were talking about ice-cream just the other day, and Ryan told me that ice-cream is like the thing that he ate when we were at the KL Bird Park back in February this year. Granted, he hardly eats ice-cream, but he has definitely had ice-cream on other occasions. I think it's the emotional connection that he made at the time that sealed the experience into memory. He was with his cousins and he was having a really great time.

So yes, over Chinese New Year this year, we managed to do some tourist-y things in KL. We visited the Aquaria KLCC and the day after that, when Richard was busy with a business meeting, Margaret brought us to the KL Bird Park.

Let's get to the photos!

Here we were, at the aquarium. It was a quiet day - there was no crowd - so we were able to get a comfortable look at the exhibits and we had a very pleasant time.

Here we were, at the bird park the next day.

Ryan is with his cousin, Jerica here. He is wearing a faux leather jacket sewn by me some time ago. It's getting a little too small for him, as is evident from the photos.

Here's Rachel with her Aunty Margaret. The lady in the striped skirt is a stranger; not part of our group.

Although we didn't spend long at the bird park, it was not easy going because it was quite hot. We sought refuge at one of the restaurants in the park and, in this photo, you can see the ice-cream that made such an impression on Ryan. 

Ok, that's all for now!


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