Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life of a Model

We're back! We spent last week in KL - both father and son had business there. Richard had a few meetings and Ryan was filming an advertisement. Filming took 3 days and each day he was on set for 15-18 hours!

Ryan was a champ - he delivered all his scenes efficiently and perfectly. He impressed everyone so much that the director invited him to audition for a role in the next ad and the executive producer told him, "Ryan, you are AMAZING... we want to work with you again!" I think that must be the ultimate test in this industry - whether directors and producers want you on their next project. I'm really proud of him - his discipline, his work ethic and his social skills.

As usual, can't say/show much about the ad until it goes on air (hopefully in September).

Just sharing a couple of photos for now. For the first two days of filming, we were in Putrajaya. Beautiful place. We were there during Hari Raya (1st and 2nd days of Eid), so the place was deserted. On the third day, we were at KRU Studios at Cyberjaya.

Ryan had his own trailer! Inside there are two beds, a small pantry, a TV and a restroom. Our little star!

We spent the rest of last week catching up with family and friends and flew home on Sunday night. While we were having dinner at the airport, we received an invitation for Ryan to a playdate the next day! Hahaha - he is a busy busy boy!


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