Monday, September 1, 2014

Random updates

We are finally settling into a routine now, after our eventful summer. Priority is to get the littles back on to a reasonable bedtime. Their bedtime went haywire because of all the travelling that we did over the past two months. Now that we're not travelling and Ryan has to wake up early for preschool, he needs his beauty sleep and yes, the adults need their rest too!

Ryan is not currently working on any modelling/acting jobs but there are still many modelling/acting related events on his schedule. Aside from castings, he is doing some photoshoots to update his portfolio plus he has a catwalk party next week. Here he was at a casting, filling up his casting sheet.

Babydoll continues to amaze us at every turn. She always has something cheeky and funny to share. She's always cool, always confident and always curious. She's at the stage where she wants to do everything herself: "I'll show you!" and "I'll do it!" are common refrains. She's got style too - she says, "Hey guys!" and "No way!" and "Hello there!" and "Sure!"

I love capturing moments when the two littles are together. They don't get along all the time of course - both of them are still learning social skills - but in general, they're good together.

Richard and I had a date night two Fridays ago when he was invited to Creatory. The event was a gathering of local talent from various fields - food and beverage, fashion, music, art, etc - housed in an eight storey factory building. We went on Friday, which was set aside for invited guests only. The event was open to the public on Saturday and Sunday (23-24 August). Here are some photos from the event!

That's all for now. More updates tomorrow!


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