Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014 - Part 2

Here are photos from the second part of our Chinese New Year - the Ipoh leg. 

Getting ready for the drive to Ipoh.

The first stop we made in Ipoh was at one of my uncle's homes, where everyone had already gathered for visiting, which included lunch and the requisite friendly gambling.

Babydoll loves animals. Here she is trying to tempt my uncle's dog, Polly, with some chocolate. Polly was unimpressed, which was a good thing because chocolate is a no-no for dogs.

This photo was taken at the annual family dinner. Babydoll's dress was made by me; I've talked about it before in this post. Her handbag was a gift from her nanny.

Hanging out in the hotel.

We always make time to eat at the famous bean sprouts + chicken restaurant. We normally buy some balloons from a street vendor outside the restaurant - you can see the balloons in the very last photo.

More hotel fun.

Here are the littles, at another uncle's house. That's my brother with them and one of my uncle's dogs, Louie.

Babydoll was playing with the phone in the hotel room so we disconnected it. When she next picked it up and there was no sound from the receiver, she declared its battery empty and she plugged the mobile phone charger into it. Heh heh.

Checking out and leaving Ipoh after a very good trip.

The Ipoh leg is a lot of fun for us. We always have a good time there. Part of the reason is that we are surrounded by a big extended family there - you can't beat that amount of love in the air. The other part is that Ipoh is a really nice place to spend your days - lots of good food and easy to get around.

Ok, more tomorrow.


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