Monday, August 18, 2014

Trip to KL - 9 to 12 August 2014

The rainy days are here - proof that summer is officially over. Time to get back into our daily routines. Apart from a tough Monday (now over!), this week looks peacefully uneventful. This week we will have the straightforward routine: drop Ryan at school in the morning, drop babydoll at the nanny, go into the office, chauffeur Ryan from school to the nanny, give babydoll a hug and a kiss, back to the office, dinner outside with hubby, everyone goes home, lounge about, and bedtime. Wonderfully predictable.

That being said, we had a glorious summer; enjoyed every bit of it. I'll share bits and pieces of it as we go along, yeah?

For today, here's a quick photographic summary of our most recent trip to Malaysia. Richard had some business meetings so we all tagged along. Four days, quick and easy, we flew in and out. The littles had a blast, as always.



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