Oh love. You are the crazy, the fun, and the mischievous in our otherwise serious family. You are determined and stubborn, and loving and tender. You hug fiercely, kiss joyfully, and dance freely. You shoot first, ask questions later, and always, always give your wholehearted all.

You love your girly dresses and your ladylike shoes, and when you're all dressed up, you get your handbag and hop on your brother's scooter to head straight for the playground. You know exactly how to annoy your brother, deriving immense joy from watching his reaction. You also know exactly how to get away with your misdeeds - consoling your brother with a hug and a few pats on his back while melting other people with pure charm.

You are super smart, always confident, and you always find your own way of doing things. While everyone counts, "1, 2, 3!", you choose "8, 9, 10!". You showed me that it is perfectly possible to wear your brother's long-sleeved T-shirt as a pair of pants (with an attached sleeveless top) and that it is perfectly acceptable to carry three handbags at the same time. You add your brand of sparkle to everything.

You are everything we didn't know we needed, and so much more. We love you, babydoll. Happy 2nd birthday.

[Rachel turned two years old last week.]


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