Monday, June 2, 2014

Life of a Model

Ryan is the cover model for this month's issue of Singapore's Child! I'm completely biased of course, but I think he looks great!

Ryan also features as the solo model in a fashion spread inside this issue.

This shoot was not easy because, as you can see, Ryan had to lie down on the floor among all the props - he could not move at all. Everything was laid out with precision and any movement, even a slight one, would have messed things up. Each scene took quite a while to set up, adjust and shoot, and Ryan had to stay still the entire time. Apart from that, Ryan had to come up with the perfect expression for each scene. So basically, he had to make it look as if he was in full motion despite being immobile, he had to look completely at ease, and he had to radiate happiness, excitement, confidence and carefreeness.

Honestly, after this shoot, I had new respect for Ryan. He truly is a model with real talent.

The crew at the shoot was equally impressed. Ryan was so cooperative and so good natured and so professional - the shoot went so smoothly that we wrapped ahead of time. Of course, big thanks to everyone at the shoot for making it such a positive experience for Ryan!

Just to let you know, Singapore's Child is having their annual Fun Fest this weekend (7 and 8 June) at Square 2 from 11 am to 7 pm, where there will be several events including Meet & Greet with Sylvanian Families, an exclusive Power Rangers exhibition, "I Can Read" competition, and the Singapore's Child Superstar competition. You can purchase a copy of the magazine (with Ryan on the cover!) for $4.50 at the event, and receive a goodie bag worth more than $40 while stocks last. We might drop by too!


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