Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bring it on

Babydoll has been unwell. She had a high fever (39.9 C) and some breathing difficulties on Monday night (wheezing, cough with phlegm). Strangely, the fever broke as fast as it came. After just one dose of paracetamol and one dose of Neurofen (about two hours apart), she was rid of the fever. In the morning, we brought her to see Dr Ngiam as she was still breathing heavily and wheezing. Dr Ngiam immediately got her to take one round of the nebulizer and after that, her oxygen levels were still low but, thankfully, high enough for him to let us take her home instead of admitting her. He said her body was reacting to a flu virus but he found the speed of her body's reaction to be alarming.

Well, that's our babydoll, huh? She goes all out! Richard has a T-shirt that says "I'm all in" - that's what I'm gonna put on the next t-shirt that I make for babydoll.

Dr Ngiam cautioned that the fever might return. He said this initial stage normally lasts about 3-5 days and the phlegmy cough about two weeks. Well, you know, we're talking about babydoll here - she took a good nap when we got home and that night, there was no return fever and she slept really well. As instructed by Dr Ngiam, we went back to see him the next morning and he was pleased and relieved to see her walking in on her own (with Bear Bear). After the consult, he chuckled at her sauntering out of his room, waving bye bye as she left.

That's my girl. She put everything on fast forward and beat the virus to a pulp. Bring.It.On. Life's too short to waste 5 days on a virus.

Dr Ngiam advised us to buy a nebulizer as due to the rapid onset (oxygen levels dropping fast, difficulty in breathing), it would be much safer to have a set at home. So we will definitely be looking into getting one.

Here she was with us after the follow-up consultation on Wednesday. She seated Bear Bear on the seat next to her; you can just see a bit of his purpleness on the right in the photo above.

Here she was playing with the medication, asking me if I would open it for her to explore. That's her innocent, sweet expression - hard to resist. Of course, she doesn't know that it is her medication! If she did, it would be, "Mama, no tanks!"

She's still on antibiotics but she's started eating again, and is well on the way to full recovery. As Dr Ngiam advised, she still has a phlegmy cough but she's definitely looking a lot better than how she looked on Tuesday morning at the PD.

Babydoll is back at her nanny's today, after two days at home with me. Her nanny is overjoyed to have her back. As for us, we are thankful for all blessings!


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