Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello summer!

It has been "go, go, go" ever since summer began! Since the last time I posted here, we've been so busy - four birthday parties, a farewell party, a family staycation, Father's Day, and babydoll's birthday! There have also been a few significant developments on the personal and family front, so it's been an incredibly eventful period.

Our nanny took a week off to visit South Korea so I stayed home with the littles for a week and had lots of fun with them. Babydoll was frowning when I sent her to the nanny this morning - oh dear - although she did not protest. Ryan is also on holiday from school so he went to the nanny with babydoll. I think babydoll was soothed *a little* by his presence.

Ryan, on the other hand, messaged me from his iPad, a couple of hours after I dropped him off, asking, "Please will you miss me". Oh my heart.

I'm only back at work for two days - we are off to Malaysia on Thursday to celebrate babydoll's birthday (again!) and to meet up with my mother who has flown in from abroad. Ryan is very much looking forward to the trip.

I'll write more in separate posts about what we've been up to. For today, I just wanted to let you know that we are doing well, we are happy, and we are enjoying every bit of summer. I'll have lots to tell you when we're done!

These photos were taken at the last birthday party we attended. It was a dinosaur-themed party! The birthday boy (the blond boy in the next photo) is Harry, one of Ryan's best friends from school. Isn't the pool at his house gorgeous? It was the perfect start to the holidays - a classic summer pool party!


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